Prof Jeremy Chataway

A picture of Professor Jeremy Chattaway in an office setting

Prof Jeremy Chataway

Consultant Neurologist - Trial Development
Professor of Neurology
University College London

Professor Chataway's research career is centred around clinical trials in neurology. The disease area he works in is dominantly (though not exclusively) multiple sclerosis (MS), and within that, the less tractable secondary progressive stage, SPMS. His work has received international acclaim, as well as widespread media coverage.

He was Chief Investigator of the MS-STAT1 trial in SPMS (Lancet 2014) which demonstrated a reduction in brain atrophy (shrinkage) by 43%. It won the UK MS society 2014 research award category  He also lead the MS-SMART trial - a flagship study for the entire MS community, testing re-purposed compounds, in a multi-arm fashion.