MND-SMART Trial Update

Map of UK with MND-SMART sites pinned

Feb 2022: Update on trial recruitment and next stages.

We are delighted to share that we have now randomised over 275 participants in MND-SMART across 17 sites in the UK. We know there is still a lot of people who are interested in joining the trial. Sites are working as quickly as they can to recruit safely. If you have registered your interest in the Trial, we will pass on your details if a site near you opens.

This graph shows the recruitment journey for the MND-SMART Trial since it opened in February 2020.

Graph showing recruitment to MND-SMART Trial








The MND-SMART Trial is an adaptive trial. This means that we are looking at data gathered at set stages to make the best decisions about treatments. This will ensure that we continue to trial drugs that may slow the progression of MND whilst stopping those that are unlikely to be beneficial.

We are currently working hard to select the next drugs to enter MND-SMART. This is in line with the unique trial design that allows additional arms to be added. We will provide further updates on the website and in newsletters soon.

This article was published on: Monday, 28 February, 2022